My eyes are screwing me up today. I started freaking out earlier because my vision was blurry right after I put my glasses on. I just got new lenses last Friday. I can see, but my eyes keep blurring up every now an then. Ugh this is making it difficult to work. 

I think I just completed the worst essay I have ever written in my entire life.

Oh boy my first final exam is Monday!…. I sure do hope I pass it.. I still have a make up test in that class that I have to take. Ugh So much studying to do…. 


hold on…i’m gonna throws up…throws up and and takes a nap



bloodrocuted pt 3

Rough sketch of me. #roughsketch #drawing #sketch

Rough sketch of me. #roughsketch #drawing #sketch

Well…. I’m officially speechless about Arrow right now.

Screw this show… 

I still love the show….but screw tonight’s episode…